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Honors and Scholars Programs

A Jesuit education is characterized by academic excellence, which springs from intellectual rigor. ҹ糡 provides a robust intellectual experience that allows students to untap their full potential.

We offer honors and scholars programs in various disciplines, designed for high-achieving students who seek intellectual curiosity, challenge, and growth. These programs foster challenging and highly rewarding experiences both in and beyond the classroom for students who also forge close meaningful relationships with fellow classmates and receive mentorship and guidance from the dedicated professors in their programs. 

The Honors Program

The Honors Program brings together students and faculty who seek not only academic achievement but also intellectual challenge and growth. The curriculum offers students a fully integrated program of study that is both rigorous and interdisciplinary and is designed to be flexible enough to accommodate the requirements of all majors across the University. Taught by Loyola's most distinguished faculty, Honors classes are small and are combined with an extensive program of excursions and events, discussions and lectures, and extracurricular enrichment.

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CPaMS Scholars Program 

This program features an interdisciplinary course of study in computer science, physics, mathematics, statistics, and data science and offers need-based scholarship opportunities in these fields. Students benefit from learning in a cohort and from faculty mentorship and exclusive opportunities for competitive internships, networking, and career development in STEM fields beyond Loyola.

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Sellinger Scholars Program

This four-year honors program in business administration in designed to prepare high-achieving, highly-motivated students for roles of business leadership and service. Through the Sellinger Scholars Program, classroom education is augmented through unique opportunities to interact with business professionals and community leaders and it is completed with skills-based learning.

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Ignatius Scholars Program (ISP)

This program is designed for first-year students who exhibit strong academic promise and leadership abilities. The program provides opportunities for students who demonstrate significant financial need and/or identify as first-generation college students, many of whom come from diverse backgrounds. Students apply to the ISP Program after submitting their enrollment deposit to the university.

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