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Our faculty are as committed to educating each student and supporting your intellectual and personal development as they are to providing the resources and personal attention you need and deserve. 

Scholars, Mentors, Experts, Guides 

Nothing sets Loyola apart more than the role faculty and other mentors will play in your experience here. In fact, few things will transform your life as much as the relationships you forge with professors.  

A professor and two students working with electrical engineering equipmentA professor talking with students during class

On campus and off, faculty are constantly interacting with students—working alongside them in laboratories, taking them on tours of local businesses, advising them on their career options, listening to their personal concerns, even hosting groups of them for dinner in their homes.  

These people are your guides, mentors, personal advisors, and champions. Your confidants when you need a listening ear. Your compass when you lose your way. Theyll know what you’re capable of—sometimes even better than you do—and will be personally invested in your success. They will help you find your passion, gain the confidence to pursue it, and build the skills and experience to thrive in your field. Their insights, encouragement, and confidence in your potential will stay with you for the rest of your life. 

Ask any Loyola graduate what made the difference in their academic journey, and they’ll not only tell you it was their professors; theyll likely name a name and share a story, a specific example, of a meaningful relationship with a faculty member who became a mentor, a trusted confidant, a friend.

Our faculty are so much more than exceptional teachers and scholars